Spontaneously Meet Somebody New

March 10, 2024

#OneWinWednesday: Spontaneously meet somebody new
Happy Valentines Day!
I really dislike made up holidays and forced gift giving. I prefer spontaneity and doing things when they feel right and authentic. For instance, I would rather give somebody a gift when I am inspired than on a holiday or their birthday when I feel like I have to. Most people will appreciate the authentic spontaneity.
In the spirit of spontaneity, try this:
Next time you are in your office’s break room, start a conversation with someone you don’t know or don’t know well. Make sure you remember their name so when you see them in the hall you can say “Hi, Jim.”
Why do this?
Most humans like social contact and will appreciate the interest you show in them. 
People love it when you say their name when you see them.
You never know who you will meet, what their story is, or how you may be able to help them in the future (or them you).

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