Happy Father’s Day – Parenting & Managing

June 25, 2024

#OneWinWednesday: Happy Father’s Day – Parenting & ManagingFor all you parents out there who are also people leaders, tell me if this statement resonates with you:Managing adults is a lot like parenting.Can I get an Amen?!As a good parent you need to articulate your expectations, guide them, put them in timeout when needed, be a good role model, let them make mistakes, and listen to them. Notice I didn’t say coddle them or helicopter parent them.   As a manager, you need to articulate your expectations, mentor them, hold them accountable, be a good role model, allow them to fail, and listen to them. Notice I didn’t say to NOT hold them accountable or micromanage them. See the parallels?Another key to both people managing and parenting is consistency. If you do those best practices as consistently as possible, you are going to create productive adults. Isn’t that the point of both parenting and managing?  We aren’t trying to make our kids (or staff) happy, we want them to lead productive and fulfilling lives. We aren’t their friend; we are their parent (boss). As time goes on and your child gets older (or your employee has been with you a while) a friendship can form. But that will be the product of mutual respect not because you made them happy.The final parallel is that child raising takes a village. In addition to a spouse, grandparents are also helpful, as are friends, coaches, teachers, and religious leaders. Don’t think you can do it on your own. All parents need help sometimes.  Same with managing. Look to your boss, your mentor, your coworkers, HR business partner, your executive coach, even your spouse for support as you take on the monumental task of managing people.If you are a Hallmark holiday person, then add these two dates to your calendar:Boss’s Day –  October 16, 2024Employee Appreciation Day – March 7, 2025But if you are like me and really couldn’t care about made up holidays, be the best parent (boss) you can be every day. The real Father’s Day comes when your kids leave the house and are leading healthy productive lives. That means you did it.Happy Father’s Day.

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