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Open Competition….for Talent

I know….FTC….snoozefest. This is a talent issue so please keep reading.The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a rule yesterday banning non-competes.  I don’t weigh in on public policy matters too often, but [...]
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Employer Brand, and hiring to it

#OneWinWednesday: employer brand, and hiring to it You: Why should I take branding advice from a person whose Wednesday post has an acronym that spells OWW? Me: OWW-CH. Point taken. But please read [...]
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Spontaneously Meet Somebody New

#OneWinWednesday: Spontaneously meet somebody new Happy Valentines Day! I really dislike made up holidays and forced gift giving. I prefer spontaneity and doing things when they feel right and authentic. For instance, I would [...]
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Stop Zoom RBF

#OneWinWednesday: Stop Zoom RBF Think about your most recent virtual meeting. What was the predominant look on people’s faces? RBF, right?  How did you feel in that meeting? Speaking for myself, I am less [...]
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Don’t Skip Leg Day

#OneWinWednesday: Don’t skip leg day Frequently men at the gym will focus on building their arms and chest, probably because they are most visible to others. As professionals and leaders, we spend [...]
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